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4 Reasons Why You Need a Trademark
You may never even think about it, but everyday throughout the world everyone deals with a trademark in some way. A trademark is what we commonly come to know as being a brand.

People make decisions to purchase goods and services based on trademarks and the reputation that the brand has. This is why it is so important for business owners and managers to have a good understanding of trademarks, after all they are business assets and what help businesses to grow and thrive.

To give you the upper hand as a business owner, BD Eye Trademark & Investigation Service are providing you with the 4 top reasons why you should obtain trademark registration for your business.

Reason 1 – A trademark is a communication tool for your business.

One brand or logo that is trademarked provides consumers with confidence that your goods or services are reputable. The trademark also conveys to consumers your commitment to your brand which in turn is reflected in the superior consumer satisfaction they receive from using your brand.

Reason 2 – With a trademark your customers will be able to easily find you

Let’s face it – the marketplace is crowded and there is a lot of competition for your business to get consumers through your door. With trademark protection you are able to distinguish your business from your competitors.

A trademark makes your business stand out from others. When a consumer sees your trademark they know straight away that they are dealing with you and are less likely to seek out your competitor. Trademarked brands are a critical factor in driving consumer purchase choices.

Reason 3 – Trademarks are a valuable asset for your business

A trademark appreciates in value over time. As your business grows your trademark becomes more valuable opening the option for you to sell your trademark, enter licensing agreements so others can sell goods and services under your brand, and even use as collateral for business loans if you ever need them.

Reason 4 – Trademarks prevent other businesses from using your name for commercial purposes

Many business owners think that simply registering a business name or company name secures the name and business. Nothing could be further from the truth as your business name and brand is only protected with trademark registration.

Without a trademark there is nothing stopping a competitor from using your business or brand name and even setting up social media accounts and internet posts to generate more sales from your customers. Trademark registration allows you to stop any other business from using your name and brand easily and quickly.

Another problem that constantly arises is that big businesses look for businesses and brands that do not have trademark protection and then trademark the name effectively forcing the brand owner out of business. This can be a costly experience for businesses and is easily overcome by obtaining trademark protection.

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